Responding to Reviews Helps Paid-Search Conversion Rates

Businesses face a dilemma when it comes to reviews. Do you respond to as many as you can, giving the impression that you are overeager, or ignore most reviews? When I worked with businesses on their internet marketing strategy in the past, I found that most were reluctant to respond to reviews. Impact of Reviews on Conversions A study from Location3 found that when companies get more review stars from their customers, they are going to have higher paid-search conversion rates. That is not such a surprise. More reviews means the customer engagement is higher, while it also means that customers are happy with what they are getting from the company. The study refers to conversions as being post-click consumer actions on company websites or landing pages. The action could refer to anything from filling out a form, responding to an email inquiry or asking for a price quote. It was a thorough study, assessing more than 7000 businesses around the country and looking at more than a year’s worth of AdWords and Google Reviews data. Conversion Rates The data found that businesses that had around 3.3 stars for their average review were only getting a conversion rate of 10.42 percent. In contrast, a business that managed review stars of up to 4.96 were getting conversion rates of roughly 13 percent. It may not sound like a huge jump, but any increase in conversion rates can help a business in a big way. Conversions Lead to More Profits Companies are always searching for ways to improve their conversion rates. It is why so many will go to a New Orleans web design agency asking for assistance with their internet marketing strategy. More conversions mean that your internet marketing plans are working. Customers who end up on your site are performing the types of actions you want. Each conversion may not lead to a purchase, but it makes the chances a lot higher. And many of the conversion criteria, such as asking for a quote, will directly lead to a purchase in the future. Conversions and Review Reponses The most interesting bit of the study is about review responses. The data show that companies with a higher response rate, say 8 percent, were getting a conversion rate of almost 14 percent. Businesses with a lower response rate, such as 5.7 percent, were only getting a conversion rate of 10.4 percent. Engaging with the reviews that are left by customers seems to have a positive impact on conversion rates for paid search advertising. Businesses that are engaged in such advertising and are not happy with their conversion rates may want to start responding to more reviews. Picking the Reviews for Engagement It is important for companies to pick reviews wisely. Only responding to good or bad reviews is not the best strategy, as it can leave the wrong impression with customers. Responding equally to both types of reviews will give the impression that a business cares about thanking customers and helping those


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